Sebastian Stan would be happy to play a young Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

Mirrored from Flickering Myth

A few months ago, the above fan art started circulating on social media, pointing out the rather uncanny resemblance between a young Mark Hamill on the left and Marvel star Sebastian Stan on the right.

Naturally this led to a lot of fan support for Stan to take on the role of a young Luke Skywalker, should Lucasfilm ever decide to include the character in one of its Star Wars Anthology movies. And, during a panel at the Rhode Island Comic Con, Stan has admitted that he’d jump at the opportunity should it come his way.

“I just want to say here that anytime anyone would like to call me and ask me about Luke Skywalker I’d be very happy,” said Stan, who will soon be seen reprising his role as the Winter Soldier in Avengers: Infinity War.

While it’s possible we could see a young Luke Skywalker in the planned Obi-Wan Kenobi filmspinoff, you’d have to imagine the character would be in his teens in that movie, if not younger. Still, we do have some 30-years post-Return of the Jedi to explore, and should Lucasfilm go down that route then Sebastian Stan would surely be perfect casting for the Jedi Master.