Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #790

Cover Rank: 10/10
This cover is fantastic! It shows off what is great about Spider-Man featuring him in a battle with both the Human Torch and Clash. Both characters are featured in the issue and will both come to blows with Spider-Man by the end. Alex Ross once again delivered a great concept that sets up a preview for whats to come underneath the cover while enticing readers to open it up and take a read.

What I Like:
I really enjoy having the Human Torch in this issue. Johnny Storm has always been one of my favorite characters and the interaction between him and Peter especially when he finds out what is to become of the Baxter building is priceless. Seeing the longtime friends and sometimes foes go at it is a pure treat. Stuart Immonen did a great job showcasing the action and the same goes for the eventual team up and battle against Clash as he tries to recover some of the technology he created while being employed at Parker Industries.

The two-page spread of Spider-Man out in public doing some simple small deeds was great too! It was reminiscent of that opening sequence in Spider-Man Homecoming. Its always nice to see Peter grounded not fighting super villains but rather helping kids skip rope, carry an old ladies groceries, or even lift a car that happened to be double parked.

What I didn’t like:
This issue definitely had more action than the previous issue but it still needed to do some story building and in this issue its centered around Peter’s relationship with Harry. Harry is his lawyer helping him liquidate all his previous Parker Industries assets and in this instance its the Baxter Building. There’s a moment towards the end that they share that seems almost unfair towards Spider-Man (and Peter for that matter) that just doesn’t seem realistic given the situation that had just occured.

Best Moment:
The battle between the Human Torch and Spider-Man is just fantastic. The action flows panel to panel culminating in the beheading of the Human Torch statue in the Baxter Building. The panel that follows after that showing an enraged Johnny Storm is fantastic. Again, Immonen has done a great job representing the characters in the given situation.

Ending: 7/10
Sure superheroes don’t always catch the bad guy but in this case they should have. There is justification based on how it plays out but I feel Clash should have definitely been captured and brought to justice especially with the history these two have going back to the Civil War II Spider-Man miniseries. The final few panels redeem the ending however featuring Johnny and Peter reflecting on the last few years of Peter’s life. Definitely some needed downtime between the two after a firey issue .

What I’m Looking Forward To:
I’m looking forward to seeing what Peter’s new job at the Daily Bugle will be and how it will pan out for him. We learn in this issue that he is going to no longer be a photographer for them but doing something related to science. This is of course right up his alley and knowing Peter, I’m sure it will take a turn for the worse at somepoint. I’m also interested to see what Peter and Harry’s next interaction will be like. Harry quit his job to Spider-Man, not Peter. Time will tell if their friendship will remain in tact or if the animosity will begin to grow between the two.

Publisher: Marvel

Review Score: 9.2/10