Review: Spider-Man #234

Cover Rank: 8/10
The new “Sinister Six Reborn” story kicks off for Miles in this book and the standard cover says it all. Sure the faces in the evil group may be different than the original but Patrick Brown’s cover sets the tone that trouble is headed Miles’ way. I like that the Miles books have their own Saturday morning cartoon look to them and more specifically in the covers. I remember growing up really enjoying enjoying that cartoonish look and every once and while it’s fun to read a book that captures that spirit. Miles is the perfect character to do that and Brown’s cover proves it.

Best Variant:
There are a few Variants making the rounds on this book but I would have to say that the Sanford Greene variant is my favorite! It features Spider-Man and the Iron Spider locked in a heated battle. The destruction caused by their chaos bleeds into the title of the book with the words being a bit of a mess as well. Unfortunately the scene itself does not play out in this specific issue but I’m sure a similar moment is just an issue or two away.

What I Like:
This book kicks off with a shadowy figure chatting with Ceres and looking to acquire some new tech to help him in building a team of villains. We learn that she is in possession of the Iron Spider suit that Tony Stark created for Spider-Man years ago. This “person” acquires the suit and plans to use it and the help of the rest of this newly formed Sinister Six to pull off what I can only describe as one of the most ambitious burglaries possibly ever attempted in a Marvel book. I love this idea of what they are going to attempt and I think Bendis and team have a few tricks up their sleeve planned for how it will all play out.

I also really like as always the dialogue that is written for Miles, Ganke, and the rest of his friends. That has always been a constant with Bendis on his run with Miles. He is able to capture so much of the real world dialogue that kids of today have. Too many books throw in that comedic character to just be there for a few jokes but they always end up feeling shallow and almost throwaway. From his first appearance Ganke just never felt that way and his interactions and dialogue with Miles have created this truly genuine character and it reall shines in this book.

There’s a moment in the book that takes up two pages filled with panels that shows Miles unsure of himself as continuing on as Spider-Man. The emotion captured on his face in these panels is a great moment showing the youthfulness still inside Miles as he tries to continually wrestle with his purpose as Spider-Man even with the approval of Peter Parker as noted by Ganke. It’s a theme that runs though this book on these few panels but adds to the presence of this theme in the overarching story of the series as a whole and is one of the many reasons readers continue to enjoy the series.

This book also has that great summary at the end that many of the Legacy branded books have.  It’s three pages long and brings readers through the origin and major events of Miles’ life. They are beautifully illustrated and capture everything readers need to know about the hero of the book. I hope it’s something that they actually continue with and add to in the future. It’s always good to have the small text summaries in the beginning like most books do but I’m really enjoying these illustrated panels at the end of the books and hope they continue.

What I didn’t like:
For as much as I love catching up with the everyday life and state of Miles’ relationship with his friends it just seems like there is a little too much of that in this issue. This issue goes on way to long to fill us in on the relationship status of everyone with Fabio. It’s great to know that he is no longer missing but honestly I became a bit bored with the book about halfway through because this.

I think the cover and the promise of the Sinister Six Reborn led to some expectations for what could be in this book and when the majority of it is “teenage drama” it was just a let down. As with most issues like this Ganke saves the day with his whit and genuine humor but it just seemed to miss the mark and bring down what could have otherwise been a stellar issue with all the mystery involving who the shadowy figure could be.

I also wish that we got a bit more of the motivations of the other Sinister Six members. I think instead of the lengthy teenage dram parts we could have been given a bit more of a coming together of this new super villain group especially with the history that the name carries with it. Hopefully this will be elaborated on in coming issues and not just have the motivations of the new Iron Spider be the glue that somehow holds them all together.

Best Moment:
The reveal on the final page of this issue is worth slogging through the teenage drama to get to. The final few pages leading up to it shows the new Sinister Six together all wondering why they’re there and what exactly is motivating this character. The final few panels literally seem “sinister” in the tone foreshadowing what’s to come. It should be obvious that I’m trying to skirt around who this character is but let me just say that it makes perfect sense and that I wouldn’t want anyone else to be donning the Iron Spider suit and facing Miles.

Ending: 10/10
With the ending pretty much being my favorite moment there isn’t much to say here other than this book, although a bit slow and dry in the Miles parts, ultimately delivers an ending that is worth getting to.  The reveal of who this new Iron Spider is was done effectively and honestly saved this book for me. The heist that they are getting ready to attempt is wild and outlandish and adds to the already shocking reveal of who the Iron Spider is. Well done Bendis.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
I’m really looking for to seeing how everything plays out once Miles gets wind of what this new Sinister Six is up to. He is tied to the thing that they are getting ready to attempt to steal as well as other heroes as well. We have a super villain group in the Sinister Six, why not have a superhero team-up as well as an attempt to stop them. I’m extremely interested in how Miles will ultimately handle the reveal of the Iron Spider’s identity. There’s a lot of history there and hopefully we’ll get  some action packed issues to come.


Publisher: Marvel

Review Score: 7/10

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