Doomsday Clock: Geoff Johns Shares Image of Rorschach in the Batcave

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Geoff Johns took to Twitter to drop a sneak peak of Doomsday Clock #2 from artist Gary Frank. The single panel shows the popular Watchmen character Rorschach inside the Batcave looking at the memorabilia Batman has collected over the years. There’s the iconic dinosaur, a giant pair of dice, the Riddler’s suit, Penguin’s umbrellas and what appears to be Mr. Freeze’s first costume, when he was known as Mr. Zero.

In the first issue of the series, it was revealed that this Rorschach is actually a completely different character using the guise of the feared vigilante. He is noted to be a person of color and seems to be working with Ozymandias at the moment.

Johns’ mention of worlds colliding seem to mirror the issue’s official synopsis. Though this Rorschach was still in the Watchmen universe by the end of the first issue, Johns seems to be teasing the first meeting between Batman and Rorschach.

Also of note is Johns’ reaffirmation of the series’ planned halt in production between issues #4 and #5. It would appear that Gary Frank will need that break to maintain a certain level of quality. Doomsday Clock #2 is expected out Dec. 27, 2017.

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