Someone Reportedly Stole $850k From Stan Lee and Bought a Condo With It

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Someone dipped into Stan Lee’s superhero-sized checkbook and bought a ritzy condo with his money. Here’s the problem: That someone wasn’t Stan Lee or anyone who should have had access to his funds.

This is just the latest chapter in a bizarre story that would have Spider-Man tangled up.

Late last year, it was discovered that someone stole $300,000 from Stan’s checking account and forged a check from Stan’s bank account to Stan’s merchandising company, Hands of Respect, as a “loan.” Stan had no idea this was being done until one of his business partners noticed the missing funds.

TMZ said at the time that neither Stan or his money managers wrote or authorized the transaction. It was believed to be an inside job. The Marvel comic legend filed a report with police at the time, claiming he’d been ripped off.

Now, though, the story is getting a little bit stranger. TMZ reported on Jan. 4 that someone stole $850,000 from Stan and bought a condo in West Hollywood, Calif., with it.

The report indicated that police are continuing to investigate, but it’s widely believed that the condo purchase was done so with a check forgery.

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