Solo: A Star Wars Story: Reports Say Another Round of Reshoots is Happening

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We have a question for you, Star Wars fans: At what point in the production of a film do you look up and say those iconic words of “I have a bad feeling about this”? Have you ever done it for a movie in this franchise before? (Okay, don’t answer that question, because we could be here all day if you do.) You may have already reached this point with Solo: A Star Wars Story. We here at Culturess basically have already.

But if you haven’t, then this latest bit of reporting may very well have you look off into the distance (or at a Death Star-like object) and utter those words: “I have a bad feeling about this.” Via Nerdist and ultimately ScreenRant, it appears as though Solo might be going through more reshoots.

Nerdist goes through pretty much all the permutations of the arguments that are possible here, including pointing out that this is probably why we haven’t seen a trailer for Solo yet. We can’t argue with its panel there. (Hey, maybe this was why Ron Howard looked so uncomfortable at the Golden Globes, aside from having to follow Oprah up.)

ScreenRant argues that this is, in fact, nothing new, and after we saw Rogue One become the biggest domestic movie of 2016 despite premiering in December, and ditto The Last Jedi for last year, whether or not Solo will make money probably shouldn’t be a question at this point. (We’re just not sure it’ll make the most money of the year.)

But still — getting everyone together to reshoot bits and pieces yet again in January and, reportedly, next month as well? How much more tinkering does this movie need? Or maybe it’s just the last few bits that need to fall in place.

There are so many ways to interpret this news, Star Wars enthusiasts. So where are you at with it all?

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