Avengers: Infinity War Wrap Cake Proudly on Display

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Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4 concluded its project with a heavily decorated wrap cake on Thursday and the Russo brothers proudly displayed the sweet feast on their Facebook page for all to enjoy. According to ComingSoon.net, the final installment is being concluded. So it would make sense for the cast and crew to feel a sense of accomplishment.

You may easily see Black Widow’s hand holding up one corner. Behind her Hulk and Vision are doing the same. Does this mean there’s a significance between those characters and Thanos?

That said, commenters mentioned that the wrap cake would cause an explosion of theories on the internet. They figured that speculators will now start breaking down the cake piece by piece as what to expect in the Infinity War movie.

“Now those click bait speculation websites will have a 30 slide presentation breaking down the cake, and trying to guess the frosting type.”

I can’t wait until people start thinking there’s a hidden message on the cake.”

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer debuted last November and had a rather ominous tone to it. It represents a culmination of events in a cinematic series of events that will lead up to this point in the MCU. The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will have a formidable challenge when they encounter the Mad Titan when he takes matters into his own hands when his underlings weren’t able to achieve the goals he desired.

You could say Infinity War is a project of epic proportions and could be quite a nail biter given the unnerving tone of the trailer and Thanos’ appearance.

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