Marvel Reveals New X-Men Team

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Prepare for the all-new X-Men Blue team.

Marvel’s April solicitations revealed Cullen Bunn and RB Silva will introduce a new lineup of X-Men in X-Men Blue #25. The team is led by Polaris and includes Jimmy Hudson, Bloodstorm, Xorn, Daken, and Gazing Nightshade.

As part of the “Cry Havok” storyline, the team will be going up against a new alliance of enemies including Miss Sinister, the White Queen, Bastion, and Havok.

This team is taking the place of the original five X-Men, who are apparently lost in space after the events of “Poison-X” crossover with Venom.

Polaris has been working with her father, Magneto, to train the time-displaced X-Men in X-Men Blue. Jimmy Hudson, the son of the Wolverine from the Ultimate Marvel universe, and Bloodstorm, a version of Storm from a timeline where she was turned into a vampire as a teenager, joined the original five X-Men as part of the X-Men Blue roster earlier in the series.

It is unclear who is under Xorn’s helmet. The last time Xorn was seen he was being propped up by Emma Frost as the puppet ruler of New Tian during the Secret Empire event.

Daken is the son of Wolverine from the prime Marvel timeline. He’s recently been an antagonist in Iceman and an ally to his “sister” Laura Kinney in All-New Wolverine.

Gazing Nightshade is a member of the Raksha, a team of mutant teenagers based in Madripoor, where the X-Men Blue team has made their base of operations. She has the mutant power to look at anyone and fill them with despair.

The new X-Men squad makes their debut in April. Check out the covers and solicitation text below.

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