Benedict Cumberbatch is the Only Star That Knows Everything That Happens in Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel has been keeping anything and everything to do with Avengers: Infinity War close to their chests, save for what they want us to know. And the practice hasn’t just extended to the public, as even the stars of the movie weren’t allowed to read the script in its entirety; instead the Russo brothers, who direct the movie, handed them each their scripts one page at a time.

This has allowed the duo to keep the plot for the movie as a whole a closely guarded secret, which is exactly what Marvel Studios wants. However, it seems that one MCU star managed to break down these secretive barriers and get his hand on the complete script, meaning that Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the few people on this planet who knows exactly what happens in Infinity War.

The 41-year-old British actor made the revelation during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, letting slip: ‘I’m not supposed to have read the script, but I have. It’s just mind-blowingly epic. What I thought is, this just doesn’t stop. Once it starts, it does. Not. Stop.’ And it seems that sinking feeling in everyone’s stomachs is very much on money, as the man who plays Doctor Stephen Strange revealed that the film ‘utterly relentless’ while painting a picture of the themes at its heart. ‘It’s just this horrible, brilliant, terrifying, at times funny, at times very moving, relentless action,’ he explained. ‘It’s like everyone’s constantly in crisis, and catching up with themselves, and it’s really breathless to read a script like that. This isn’t a slow burn. You’re really thrown in helter-skelter. It’s got a lot of facets to it, but I think the main one for me was just how utterly relentless the events and action were.’

That said he’s actually done his best not to let any spoilers out of the bad, but from the sounds of it the death of one (or maybe more) character is going to be heart-breaking. As for Doctor Strange’s future, Benedict seemed to be not entirely sure if his character would get a standalone sequel, adding that he wasn’t sure what Marvel Studio’s had planned for its next cinematic phase.

Asked if a follow-up had been green-lighted yet, he said: ‘Not at the moment, no. The masterplan is continually in flux, so it would be out of order for me to speculate.’

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