Avengers 4 Title Should Scare Fans, Say Russo Brothers

We have no idea what the title for the Avengers movie after Infinity War will be, but the directors of both films say it should be frightening.

One of the more closely guarded secrets in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the moment is what the title of the next Avengers movie will be after Avengers: Infinity War. Due out next summer, it’s not that Marvel doesn’t know what name it wants to use just yet, but rather that the film’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, don’t want to reveal it because the title itself is said to be a spoiler for the events in (and quite possibly the conclusion of)Infinity War.

As CBR notes, that has some fans a little uneasy. It must be something epic, and quite possibly grim. Maybe even frightening, if you’re one of the millions of fans who have grown to care about the MCU heroes.

The Russo Brothers took to Twitter recently to explain that any fear felt is by design.

So what exactly would scare fans? Possibly the death of an Avenger like Captain America or Iron man — although many Marvelites expect them to possibly meet their maker anyway since the actors playing them will be done with their contracts soon.

How about something like Thanos Triumphant? Or, you know, a better name devised by talented people who actually do that sort of thing for a living, but one that indicated Thanos has basically won.

It’s also worth considering that Marvel loves to use the word ‘Infinity’ in its comics, so much so that it’s almost synonymous with Thanos at this point (and the Infinity Stones, though that connection is more obvious). That means it’s likely to turn up in the title as well.

Marvel also has a series of comics with the subtitle “The End,” which tells the final stories of famous characters. They aren’t in continuity but rather looks at logical ways the heroes and villains involved could say goodbye, and there’s even one in which Thanos is heavily involved.

Could a simple Avengers: The End send shivers up spines? Perhaps Avengers: The End of Infinity? Okay, probably not, but anything that portends doom and an honest to goodness finale for the MCU as we know it right now would definitely work. We commend the Russo Brothers for keeping this one close to the vest while simultaneously increasing anticipation, and we look forward to not knowing the actual title of Avengers 4 until after Infinity War releases on April 27.


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