Justice League Easter Egg Teases Major DC Character

Mirrored from GameSpot

There have been rumors for months that a Green Lantern would appear in Justice League. With the movie finally out, it’s safe to say that those rumors panned out–sort of.

In a flashback scene describing an ancient battle between the forces of earth–Amazons, Atlanteans, and humanity–and the villain Steppenwolf, an unknown Green Lantern does appear. The hero is promptly taken out in the same scene, his Power Ring flying away to find a new wielder, so it’s not exactly a major role. But the fact he’s there at all is a big deal for Green Lantern fans who’ve been waiting for a movie to do it justice since the lame 2011 Ryan Reynolds version.

The Justice League scene leaves no question about it: That’s definitely a Green Lantern. We reached out to Warner Bros. PR and learned a few more details about him:

We do see ‘a’ Green Lantern in that scene, but a generic one (not any of the popular ones we know in the comics). That battle was the teaming up of the different beings on Earth at the time: Humans, Greek Gods, Atalnteans, and Amazons (of which Robin Wright’s character, Wonder Woman’s aunt, was one, since it took place before she died in the Wonder Woman movie).

The other major characters in the scenes–including one who appears to wield lightning powers, and another with a powerful-looking bow and arrows–are actual Greek gods, according to PR; Zeus and Artemis, to be specific. Finally, the God of War, Ares–A.K.A. the villain from Wonder Woman–also appears.

Rumors about Green Lantern in Justice League originated from an early trailer in which Steppenwolf muses on the fact that there are “No protectors here–no Lanterns, no Kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others.”

Things escalated further when a Big Bang Theory contest to attend the Justice League premiere featured the Green Lantern logo alongside those for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg.

Fans hoping for Green Lantern to play a surprise major role in Justice League might be disappointed by this relatively minor Easter egg, but hey–at least it’s something. And, fingers crossed, it might pave the way for more Green Lantern in the DCEU.