Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #791

Cover Rank: 10/10
I really like the image Alex Ross drew for the cover of this issue. If there was any doubt who Peter Parker’s heart belongs to this cover throws it all away. I think it’s great too because it would be intriguing to casual or lapsed readers who have not been following the exploits of our favorite web-head. I think those readers would want to know who this “blonde with wings” is that Spider-Man is kissing on the front of the book. Classic look and best cover he’s done since the Legacy relaunch.

What I Like:
Let me start by saying that it’s great to have what seems like the old Peter back. With a new job Peter seems to be energized and somewhat happy with his status in life. They’re really pushing this idea that he now feels more comfortable behind the mask than not but his dialogue feels a bit more true to what we know and love about Peter.

I also like that we find out that even though Peter is once again working at the Daily Bugle that it’s not just the simple cop out of making him a Photographer again. Instead his new job site him as head of the Science Section which seems to be a perfect fit for him. The one off story in this book has him pursuing a lead at Bobbi’s employer Humanitech Incorporated and I can see future storylines going this way as there are plenty of devious scientists in the Marvel Universe who’s nefarious experiments need investigating.

Mockingbird and Spider-Mans return visit to Humanitech after-hours is also classic Spider-Man. The quick quips of dialogue the too have and the eventual turn to chaos feels and reads great. Stuart Immonen does a great job again flowing the action panel to panel and creates the excitement that keeps the book moving forwards. The Humanitech robots also are designed great. As a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan their design looks like something straight out of one of their wild adventures into the universe or Dimension X.

The way in which the AI robots are being controlled by Xander Zynn and his Himanitech employees is also a very interesting. Controlling them via the imprisonment of Quicksand was an unexpected twist and I’m sure will lead to a future encounter with the Thor villain down the line. I could easily see a Sandman and Quicksand team-up causing trouble down the line.

What I didn’t like:
There wasn’t much in this issue that I didn’t like however there is one new character that I just didn’t like. Peter’s new co-worker Colin is just annoying. Sure that’s the point of his character but it just seems like such a bumbling, antagonizing character stereotype that I think they could have done better. His look and dialogue all fall within that same vain and if I could I would just toss him aside. His actions in this book lead to the problem at hand so he was somewhat required but I just think that it’s too stereotypical.

Best Moment:
My favorite moment hands down is a two-page spread when Spider-Man and Mockingbird are in a seemingly endless tussle with a wave of robots. Amongst the chaos Aunt May calls to see how Peter is doing. He answers and continues to fight. One panel shows the chaos of the fight and the next panel shows Aunt May sitting nicely at home on her couch talking on the phone to him. It’s a perfect representation off the balancing of his life that Peter has to do between being Spider-Man and being Peter.

Ending: 9/10
The ending leaves us with some more exploration into what is happening in Harry’s life. Harry comes home to his kids and finds them and the babysitter waiting. He notices that one of them has a bandaid on their arm and he questions what happens. She says he scrapped it but a panel shows us that she somehow has obtained two vials of his blood. I’m sure this is setting up a much larger story that is headed our way involving Harry and his family meeting tragedy or Harry somehow taking a turn to villainous ways that will question his and Peter’s friendship.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
Besides the future of Peter and Harry’s friendship and the reason for the vials of blood I’m really looking forward to the upcoming crossover with the Venom series, Venom INC. Venom has always been my favorite Spidey villain and they have been teasing his return in the last few issues. Crossover events are always ok in my book and a Spider-Man/Venom one sounds like perfection.

Publisher: Marvel

Review Score: 9.5/10