DC Comics Launches New Cover Design to Replace Rebirth Banner

Mirrored from CBR.com

DC Comics fans have likely grown used to the blue Rebirth banner on their comic book covers, but those days will soon come to an end. Today, the comic book publisher unveiled its new cover design, which replaces the banner in favor of a sleek corner box.

The corner box will provide information about the issue number, price and rating. Each box will also feature the emblem of the starring hero or superhero group. So, Superman comics will sport his iconic “S,” Batman comics will display the telltale Bat-Signal and Green Arrow will get, well, an arrow.

The new cover design will replace the Rebirth banner much in the same way it replaced the New 52 initiative’s banner. DC Rebirth was first introduced in 2016 as a way for DC Comics to enact a continuity reboot that incorporated elements of the New 52, but reset the world of DC Comics back to a point prior to the “Flashpoint” arc.
The end of DC Rebirth will usher in a new era called DC Universe, an expansive new initiative that will feed off the events of Rebirth and retain its continuity going forward.

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