Review: Doctor Aphra #14

Reviewed By Patrick Spung

Cover Rank: 8/10. It’s time for a new chapter in Doctor Aphra’s life and that begins with start of the “Remastered” story. Of course, with a past as complicated as hers it’s no surprise someone she has crossed once before will be seeking revenge. With this original cover we can see an eager Doctor Aphra ready to take on the galaxy after her short but much need vacation. Behind her though is none other than Imperial officer Magna Tolvan, the main antagonist from the first story arc in the series. It is only fitting that as Doctor Aphra begins her new journey without Triple-Zero or BeeTee-One by her side as she is faced with an enemy from her recent past. Remembering Doctor Aphra’s soft spot for officer Tolvan in the past the cover made me excited to see what their next encounter would behold.

Best Variant: There is only one variant of this book and it has some great art work. The variant is part of the Star Wars 40th anniversary variant cover collection. The cover features Darth Vader and his TIE Fighter as well as two Imperial pilots and their TIE Fighters.

What I liked: It was great to catch up with Imperial officer Tolvan. Last time we saw officer Tolvan she had failed at capturing Doctor Aphra and the crew and was dumped on a desolate planet. The first couple pages are great at filling us in on what has happened to Lieutenant Tolvan and gives us time to connect with the character as we see a somewhat soft side to her.

As the cover promised we get a reunion between Aphra and Tolvan. It begins with a great battle on a base in the outer rim but then gets a little more personal. Yet again Aprha and Tolvan are forced into a one on one situation and their interaction and dialog are great together. Throughout the series we have seen just how selfish and greedy Aphra can be but her interactions with Tolvan have always shown us a more sensitive and thoughtful side to Aphra.

What I Didn’t Like: Again, Aphra and Tolvan part ways as Aphra spares Tolvan for a second time. Though she still has her life, Tolvan seems as though she is ready for seek revenge on Aphra. Unfortunatly, the ending provides some strong clues that this story arc will be heading in a different direction.

Which leads me to why I do not like this part of the story. With Tolvan being brought back to the story I expected this arc to revolve around Tolvan and Aphra. By the end of the story it almost seems like Tolvan was thrown into the story, so it could have a villan.

Best Moment: This hands down must be the final page. Here we find out who the mastermind of the raid on Imperial base is. Of course, Doctor Aphra would not be raiding an Imperial base just for fun. She is an archeologist for crying out loud not some rebel. Looking back at the story I am upset I did not pick up on the clues sooner however, this was a great way to end the first chapter of “Remastered” and has left me wanting more. A few panels before the final reveal we see Aphra being pushed to her limits and nervously wondering what she has gotten herself into.

Ending: 10/10. As this was my favorite part of the book there is not much more to expand on here. To me this could have been a perfect 10. Unfortunately, I was left wondering what a Aphra and Tolvan story arc could have been like. However, with the ending that was given I am still excited to see what lies ahead for Doctor Aphra.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Of course, I am also looking for when Tolvan finally gets her opportunity at revenge. The dynamic between Tolvan and Aphra is unique in this series and leaves me to believe that this will be a very good showdown.

The rest of this story arc should be interesting as well. Doctor Aphra is on her own with no help at her side. I am excited to see some great character development as she tries to escape from her current predicament. Will she find and develop new allies, find a way to rekindle alliances from the past, or perhaps decide she is better off looking out for herself? These are just a couple of the questions I am asking myself in anticipation of the next chapter in “Remastered”.

Publisher: Marvel

Review Score: 8/10

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