15th Anniversary Covers Announced for The Walking Dead Comics in 2018

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2018 will mark the 15th anniversary of The Walking Dead from Image Comics and Skybound. To celebrate, Bill Sienkiewicz will create variant comic covers!

It’s hard to believe that The Walking Dead comic book series has been around for 15 years. Over the years, fans have grown so attached to the characters and shed many tears while reading the story of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse and the story continues in 2018.

Starting with issue 175, the official Skybound website for the comic book series has announced that variant covers will be done by artist Bill Sienkiewicz to celebrate 15 years of the series with popular characters featured each month.

For those unfamiliar with Sienkiewicz, he is considered a legend in the comic book industry for his unique dark and gritty style of artwork which made him an Eisner-winning and Emmy-nominated artist known for his work on Marvel Comic’s Elektra: Assassin and numerous pieces of promotional artwork for movies, games, and other franchises.

Check out the Sienkiewicz covers for the January and February issues of the comic book series featuring Rick Grimes and Michonne:

The art style on these covers should be immediately recognizable to fans of many genres and these 15th-anniversary covers should become a pretty popular collector’s item among comic book fans.

Skybound had this to say about the 15th anniversary of The Walking Dead comics, urging fans to pay attention to upcoming announcements:

“These two special variant covers also help kick off the highly-anticipated new Walking Dead arc NEW WORLD ORDER. Both issues are available to order now so make sure to tell your retailer to get you a copy! For now, you can drool over this awesome artwork and look forward to MUCH more 15th Anniversary news and specials in the coming months. 2018 is about to be an amazing year to be a Walking Dead fan.”

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