Quiz Show Contestant Wearing Captain America T-Shirt Gets Simple Question About Captain America Wrong

Mirrored from Digital Spy

One useful tip for life – if you wear a T-shirt with a pop culture reference, try to at least know something about the subject matter.

It’s really not that hard to do a simple Google, and it’s good preparation for the off chance that someone asks you about your cool top, thus avoiding embarrassment.

But there are always those people who buy tees referring to something they actually have no clue about.

After all, there are probably quite a few people who buy that Nirvana top without being able to name more than three Nirvana songs.

It seems that idea translates to Marvel too, as one game show contestant demonstrated when he managed to achieve quite a unique quizzing fail on TV.

Alberto was taking part in Spanish show Ahora Caigo when he was asked: What is Steve Rogers in the Avengers? Doctor? Sir? or Captain?

Surely the super fan would know that Steve Rogers is Captain America, as proved by the fact he was wearing a T-shirt about the Avenger.

His reply? Doctor.

The shows host could not quite believe the answer that he had heard as he noted what top Alberto was wearing. Whoops.

Look, we can understand that you might not know the answer if your knowledge of Marvel is lacking. But cmon. You. Literally. Bought. The. T-shirt.

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